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Friends and Family

During the time that we have been in Nicaragua both Elliot and Josh have had friends and family come to visit. It is always good having the folks visit as it means, amongst other things, that we get to eat in restaurants far out side of our normal budget for a week.

Josh with his parents Kayde and Bobby at a restaurant in the Central Park

Kayde and Bobby kindly bought us some mattresses, they are riding in the truck bringing them back to the house

Relaxing after a hard day working on the house!

Elliot with his parents Nigel and Elizabeth at Coyotepe Fort overlooking Masaya

Elliot with his mum on a boat touring the Granada Islands

Elliot with his parents on the Malecon

Elliot's friend Pete at a fruit stand

Elliot and Pete on a farm trying some oranges

Our friend Jimi Waters on his leaving night party

Josh's Dad showing us how to ride a bike on Ometepe