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Volunteers and Interns 2011

Mikey, Elliot and Ryan cooking up a BBQ.

Wes is the first to try out the new hammocks

Riding in the back of a truck out to a project

Wes, Josh,Elliot,Brendan,Jose Luis at the Laura Vicuna School

Manon Felix enjoying the evening on Ometepe Island

Manon making sure the students water the fields just the way she wants it done

Chris Ponzi trying out a hand made guitar at a workshop

Bill Bird on the bus to Matagalpa

The Houston Out Door Academy creating a kitchen garden for the special needs school.

Elain, Ryan and Ashleigh having lunch in the park

Mikey and Zee on their way to work at the Hospital in Masaya

Fran and Claire painting a map of Masaya on the wall of the house