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Volunteers and Interns 2012

A group from Eckerd University came down and worked in the zoo for a week.

Mehrdad was volunteering on the medial program as a pharmacist 

Andrew Walker fixing a broken pipe at the special needs school

Josh touring Ometepe Island via motorbike!

Anne Sescleifer with a friend she made

Greg and Shelby Meridth waiting for lunch on Ometepe

Mackenzie Ryan raking in the new jamaica field at the old peoples home 

James Tytler taking a moments break from the yard sale at the old people's home

Steven Meyer breaking up some concrete

Sarah Palmer from Volunteer Global trimming some trees at the special needs school

David Lee from Volunteer Global cutting up a branch nica style 

Tony and Christine Albrecht 

Sophie and Rebecca having just dug up a bannana tree to take to the spcial school