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Distributing XOs to a school on the Granada islands

Casa-Nica assisted the Zemora Teran Foundation deliver a new donation XO laptops to a school on a small island on the Granada Islands in February 2011. We met up with the FZT team on the highway outside of Masaya on their way down to Granada and travelled down to small port that services the islands. 

Elliot and FZT staff going out to the school

We then took a boat with all the volunteers and staff and computers over to the school.

The school seen from the boat (and Josh's head)

There were speeches from the head of FZT, the Mayor of Granada and the Head of the school. 

Josh, Elliot and Fran watching the speeches

Then it was time to give out the laptops.

The third grade kids getting their XO laptops

After they got their laptops it was time for them to head home.

The kids with their new XOs heading home

They kids living on the islands learn to use boats from a very young age.