Fixing The Water

The special needs school; Melania Lacayo had a problem. A tree had grown over their main water pipe and cracked it. They were losing a lot water and had almost no water pressure throughout the school. However, they didn't have the funds to get a plumber to fix it or pay for all the  water that would be wasted. They asked Casa-Nica to help and so we did. 

The break, unfortunately, was directly under the trunk of a very large tree so instead of fixing just the leak we spliced in a new section of pipe going around the tree. 

This is the problem. At the bottom of the hole is the broken pipe. The flowing water has excavated a large hole. Elliot has his hand down the hole attempting to locate the leak and orientation of the pipe.

This is Andrew digging the trench for the new pipe that goes around the problem tree.

Josh assisting Andrew with the trench

Elliot and Andrew attaching the new section of pipe