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Photo Tour

These photos show the house at different stages since March 2011. We've been continually working on the house and have added furniture, facilities and decorated as time has gone by.  And by the way, volunteers with an inclination are more than welcome to help us with this ongoing endeavor.

Abby with the mural she painted in one of the bedrooms

The front courtyard garden

The breezeway around the front garden with the rockers and the deck chairs

Elliot relaxing on the deck chairs

Fran relaxing in a hammock

The back garden. It is in three parts, most distant is the clothes line, in the middle is a lawn and closest is an herb garden and more chairs.

This is a volunteer bedroom

Josh in the kitchen

The other side of the kitchen

The ballroom with table tennis table. There is not much in here at the moment but we are working on turning this into a relaxation space