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Job Opportunities

Position title: Program Manager

Position Summary: Casa-Nica is currently looking for a Program Manager to live and work in Masaya and assist the management with the running of Casa-Nica.
The principal duties of the successful applicant are as follows:
1. Maintain relationships with the various Nicaraguan organizations who we work with. This will be achieved by volunteering and or visiting with those organizations most weekday mornings. Current locations include: early-childhood centers, elementary and high schools; private and public clinics; a farm; the English teaching program and One Laptop per Child program.
2. The program manager will be the primary point of contact for the Casa-Nica volunteers and interns. The Program Manager will live in the volunteer house along with the volunteers and assist them with their time in Nicaragua by organizing their work and study schedules, providing information etc.
This is a full-time (40 hours per week) position with occasional work on the weekends for a full year.

Primary Responsibilities:
o Maintain and develop existing relationships with surrounding organizations o Develop community relationships
o Conduct business in Spanish
o Coordinate incoming international volunteers
o Manage small-staff business
o Maintain and update Data base
o Create Marketing strategies to promote volunteer programs o Manage finances of a small organization
o Update and maintain social media presence
o Schedule events, volunteer work, and Spanish classes
o Other duties as assigned


Bachelor’s degree required
Experience and Training:
o 1+ year relevant work experience
o Travel, study and/or work experience abroad

Knowledge, Skills, Ability:
o Proficient in English and Spanish
o Ability to work independently, with little to no supervision
o High level of initiative
o Organizational skills
o Excellent verbal communication skills
o Ability to take direction from a variety of people and leadership styles (at each
community organization, Casa-Nica volunteers and staff alike are volunteers and
must be willing to follow the direction of the local staff)
o Ability to be diplomatic
o Strong interpersonal skills and ability to get along well with people from a variety
of backgrounds
o Willingness to work in the heat and get your hands dirty at times (literally) o Willingness and desire to be involved in community development work in a
developing country

Desirable Qualifications:
o Energetic and upbeat personality
o Excellent cross-cultural communication skills o Friendly

o Monthly stipend
o Lodging in our volunteer house, use of the kitchen, Internet, laundry facilities
and shared bike.
o For non-residents of Nicaragua: Casa-Nica will pay for a bus ticket, hostel and
crossing fees towards making a trip every 3 months in order to renew your visa. o Basic phone and calling plan
o Transport costs to and from projects and bicycle

Start Date: A pril 1st -May 5th, depending on applicants availability.

How to Apply:
If you would like to apply for this job please send your resume to: Jobs@Casa-Nica.com