Partner Organization:

We are currently partnered with Volunteer Global, which is working with us to recruit volunteers. 

Organizations We Work With

We at Casa-Nica have had the pleasure of working with a number of organizations both here in Nicaragua and from abroad. This list is in no particular order.

Fundación Zamora Terán - We work with FZT on their OLPC project.

Houston Outdoor Learning Academy - We organized and hosted their summer field trip for 2011.

Baylor University - Baylor has put us into the summer volunteering program being offered to their students.

Penn International Business Volunteers (PIBV) - There are two groups of volunteers working on off-site projects from Penn State University for Casa-Nica.

Eckerd College - Casa-Nica organized and hosted a group of students for their volunteering missions in 2012 and 2013.

Masinfa - Masinfa is a local NGO that has education, agriculture and health projects with whom we regularly work.

Cruz Roja Masaya - We have assisted the Red Cross in Masaya with several projects including blood drives and infrastructure maintenance.

Masaya Local Government - We work with the local government's health department to provide volunteer assistance where it will make a difference.

Angelo State University Small Business Development Center - Josh, as an alumnus of ASU, qualified us to receive the invaluable advice and support of the ASU-SBDC.

Guardabarranco Masaya
- Guardabarranco Masaya is a local organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the environment.  We've participated in a number of their trash clean-up and reforestation efforts.

Carpe Diem Education - Casa-Nica has hosted their student tour groups every year since the summer 2013.