Excursion Options

Nicaragua has many local interesting places that are well worth the time to go and visit whilst you are here in Masaya. We will be happy to organize your schedule to include excursions that will fit in your budget and time constraints. The following is a list of some of the local places to visit that can be visited easily and quickly from Masaya:


Granada is a pretty town of similar size to Masaya round 10 miles or 15KM  from Masaya on the shore of Lake Nicaragua. Due to it’s proximity and the large number of options available Granada can make a fun afternoon, evening or a full day out. Attractions include:

  • A boat tour round the beautiful lake islands surrounding Granada
  • Taking a tour and optionally a chocolate making class at a chocolate museum
  • Climbing a church tower for fantastic views of Granada and the surrounding areas
  • Enjoying the bustling nightlife of the Calzada


Laguna de Apoyo

The Laguna de Apoyo is a volcanic lake located in a nature reserve around 20 minutes taxi ride from Masaya. It is a really superb way to spend a relaxing day swimming and sun bathing.


Mombacho is a volcano around 30 minutes away from Masaya. A visit to the volcano includes the chance to look around a  working coffee plantation with free samples of their coffee and several hikes around the top of the volcano. All the hikes offer spectacular views of the surrounding country.


Coyotepe is a national monument overlooking Masaya. It was originally built as a defensive fort for the town but later turned into a political prison by successive governments until it was finally closed in the 80’s. It is located within walking distance of the volunteer house in Masaya and an excellent and very cost effective tour.

Volcán Masaya

The Volcán Masaya is an active (smoking but not dangerous) volcano only a few miles outside of town in a national park. It is easily reached from Masaya and offers a very close view of a smoking volcano with superb  view of the local countryside.

Caterina and Local Artisan Towns

Caterina is a local artisan town that specializes in growing plants. In addition to being an interesting town it has a lookout overlooking the Laguna de Apoyo. We can also arrange a 2-3 hour hike around the rim of the Laguna de Apoyo ending at the lookout. There are several other artisan towns specializing in craft good such as pottery, furniture, wooden artifacts and other.


The town of Masaya also has several interesting places within short walking distance of the house. The famous Artisan Market is only a block away and has every souvenir you could possible need from Nicaragua. The Municipal Market is a real slice of Nicaraguan culture and is a must see. The placita offers an extremely cheap traditional dining experience. The Malecon is a broad walk with a unexpected view over the Laguna Masaya and the Masaya Volcano national park.

Houston Outdoor Learning Academy Brigade planting a kitchen garden at the local special needs school