These are some of the people that we have had to stay and volunteer and intern with us at Casa-Nica. This is what they had to say about Casa-Nica and their time with us. If you could like to contact any of these people or anyone else we have had at Casa-Nica just let us know and we can arrange that for you.

Rosie's Casa-Nica experience

"I've been working with a local organization called Ixchen. They do some absolutely inspiring work with women in lots of different situations... It's been fantastic to see the kind of work that they are doing and to be a part of it.
I would really recommend [Casa-Nica] to anyone with a sense of adventure... I think it suits the more independent traveler." Rosie


"I really love the flexibility of the program and how it can be catered to your own interests. ...I would recommend Casa-Nica to anyone who wants an immersed experience." Nicole

Chris Ponzi on Ometepe Island

"Casa-Nica is the way international development work should be done! Not only did I get the opportunity to live in a sweet house with volunteers from around the world learning spanish and visit all the wonderful places in Nicaragua ,but I honestly felt that I really made a difference in building this unique organizing while simultaneously helping the Nicaraguan people.

I interned with Casa-Nica because I believe in the way they do development work! Too many foreign NGO's come into a country and help with a "strings-attached" policy, and I hope that the Casa-Nica ideology is the way of the future. I'm so grateful to have been apart of building their organization and working on their projects!

To be honest, I didn't know what to expect at first being that Casa-Nica is so young, but I couldn't have been more thrilled with my experience! The founders, Josh and Elliot, are amazing individuals, the Spanish teacher Fran is the best in the biz, the people in the house are fun and interesting, the country is safe and vibrant, the projects are diverse and worthwhile, and my Spanish improved immensely over my internship period. I know that I gained valuable professional and life experience that will be invaluable for my future, and there simply is nothing else like it around...believe me I've looked!" - Chris Ponzi

Wesley Thijsse

"The time I had in Casa-Nica was fantastic. I never volunteered before but when I was traveling in Nicaragua, I was impressed by the country and wanted to stay. Thankfully I ran into Josh and Elliot and I was enrolled as an intern and the first ever volunteer in Casa-Nica. It was a great experience and here is why. The guys at Casa-Nica really have a good vision in what it is that they want and they have the experience and will to reach it. They are not rushing into any sort of endeavor and only run projects that are supported by the local community. This means they are working with, instead of for of next to the local community like a lot of NGO's tend to do. The guys form a balanced team with Josh as the enthusiastic deal maker and Elliot as the technical and organizational guy. and of course there is Fran, whose love for teaching is only outmatched by her love for animals. Personally, it was a great experience since I got to see all the projects that they are involved in and got a lot of room to be creative and to participate in the Casa-Nica process. I met a lot of different people and got a glimpse of all the different aspects of volunteering, but also of everyday life in a developing country. I went from fancy diners to organic farms and from gated communities to slums. I met former heads of education and all sorts of business leaders and politicians, but also leather workers, carpenters, boy scouts and so on. It was a great time and I look back at it with joy. Too bad I could only stay for a little while but it definitely was worthwhile! Don’t hold back, and join the Casa-Nica team. It will be the experience of a life time!!" - Wesley Thijsse

Manon at the zoo with a new friend

"Doing my internship in Casa-Nica has been a fabulous experience that I could never forget.First because I had the chance to discover the life in a developing country and to take part in Nicaraguan culture. During my 3 months internship, I have seen some of the greatest places of the country, tested a lot of new and typical meals, and also I have met some of the nicest people in my life.

Moreover, Casa-Nica trusted me from the beginning and gave me the opportunity to manage a whole project in the area I liked, giving me the support and the advice I needed. My work in Casa-Nica taught me what team spirit really is and ensured that my project worked in an NGO. Thanks, everybody, for this fantastic experience!" - Manon Felix

Bill lending a hand with the cooking

"What I was primarily looking for in the beginning was a place for immersion in the Spanish language. I had been studying it for about a year on my computer on Rosetta Stone software, after my retirement. I am a retired, 67 year old insurance agency manager, who did not want to retire my mind along with my body, so I took up the study of Spanish, partly because of my state's close proximity to Mexico, and partly because I had always had a lot of Mexican friends and wanted to be able to converse with them in their own language.
Well, Casa-Nica provided that and much more, being located in the central American country of Nicaragua. The Spanish language instructor, Fran Carvajal is very helpful, patient, and well trained in her profession. In addition to that she is a beautiful person, inside and out! Josh Allsup and his partner, Elliot Cooper are two of the most dedicated and professional young men I have met in a long time. They took the time to make me feel welcome there, introduced me to all of the programs they are working on, and introduced me to many of the Nicaraguan people in Masaya. What I learned in the language, and I did learn a lot, pales in comparison with what I learned about helping poor people achieve their goals. I worked primarily in the English language department of several schools, working closely with the teachers and their students. These are serious young men and women, working hard to bring a better life to a people and a country that really needs a hand up. I salute them for the wonderful job they are doing, and look forward to returning in the future for another stay!" - William (Bill) Bird

Claire visiting Masaya Volcano
"Living at the Casa-Nica house, I had the opportunity to soak up Nicaraguan culture, meet some fantastic people in Masaya, see a variety of development projects, and was surrounded by an amazing group of people. As an intern, I was able to help develop a medical volunteer program so that other students can have the same incredible experience I had! When I was working in Masaya, Josh and Elliot helped secure volunteer opportunities for us and Fran ensured I would have the skills to communicate with those I worked with. Because of them, we were able to work in medical clinics and in the Humberto Alvarado Emergency Department. I saw a huge variety of cases, learned how to work with different types of patients, practiced many skills (from taking blood pressure to doing sutures), and had genuine work within the Nicaraguan healthcare system. I gained invaluable personal and professional experience and would encourage anyone looking for hands-on volunteer experience to work with Casa-Nica." - Claire DeBolt