Development Programs

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The method that we at Casa-Nica have found most effective in developing relationships with local organizations and creating volunteer programs is by demonstrating our commitment and willingness to work through volunteering for them.  After spending many hours helping them with their work, they are very receptive to accepting new Casa-Nica volunteers into their programs. We have worked hard to ensure that your help is not only needed but wanted. Whenever you walk into a new program you will be met with people who are happy to see you. 

Before we open a project to volunteers we ourselves have volunteered for many hours with the organization to ensure that you will be working along side them from the moment you arrive. We will never ask you to work on anything that we have not worked on before you.

The currently available volunteer projects are as follows:

You can apply to be a volunteer on the Contact and Apply page.

In addition to these volunteer projects, we are always working on creating new volunteer projects. You can see the ones we are currently working on in the Development Project Ideas page. We may be able to offer volunteers opportunities to work on these projects, depending upon their current stage and evolution. If you are interested in volunteering on any of these projects, just let us know and we can advise you as to whether that is possible.

We also have project ideas that we would love to turn into volunteer projects, but simply haven't yet had the time or resources to develop properly. If you would like to work on turning these ideas into volunteer projects, then again, drop us an email or apply here as we always welcome more assistance.

Students at Nueva Jerusalén School, Bluefields, receiving their XO OLPC laptops