Casa-Nica is interested in working with Nicaraguans to improve farming techniques and implement more sustainable methods. We have identified two organisations working towards this goal and have made initial contact but have not taken the ideas any further.

The first organisation is MASINFA (the same organisation that we are assisting with English teaching). MASINFA as an organization has several areas that it works on, and assisting the local farming community is one of these areas. They provide assistance through a number of means; sometimes it is as simple as lending a small amount of cash for the purchase of seeds that a farmer would otherwise not be able to afford. On other occasions they provide training and information on how best to manage the crops and land that the farmers are working. MASINFA would be open to volunteers assisting with their efforts so an intern with an interest in agriculture could work with them to create a volunteer project.

These papaya trees were grown from seeds bought with money loaned by MASINFA