Youth Sport Program

Casa-Nica has recently started working with an organization based in Granada called SportsDonations ForImpact. This young organization is trying to offer the youth of Granada a productive outlet for their energies via sport. Their goal is to involve the youth of Granada in the four main sports in Nicaragua: baseball, soccer, boxing and basketball, by providing places to practice and eventually leagues and training sessions.

Their website is here: where you can read in more detail what they are doing.

A young boxing enthusiast in Granada

SportsDonations ForImpact has recently received a grant for the US State Department to form a principle boxing gym in Granada and another in Mulle de los Bueyes (a town on the eastern side of Nicaragua) in addition to two smaller boxing centres in other local cities. The guys will provide boxing and fitness classes for free to any young people that want to sign up. The grant will provide the locations, equipment and salaries for the trainers.

The boxing project just recently got up and running in December 2013. 

In addition SportsDonations ForImpact intends to include the other three sports and expand their accessibility in Granada over the coming year.

Currently SportsDonations ForImpact  is run day to day by one enthusiastic man so he is looking for help with many aspects running the organization.

Any assistance that could be provided in any of these areas would be gratefully welcomed:

Fundraising/Social-Media Head

- Grant/Proposal Writing 
- Seeking alternative funding from Public/Private Sectors for additional sports programs/events/clinics
- Updating Social Media platforms, posting videos/photos, keeping current with the participants of the program/events
- Initiating fundraising with local businesses/organizations to create potential sports clinics, events, donations or leagues.


- Meeting with companies/organizations in Nicaragua in order to connect with potential donors for exhibitions and leagues
- Planning, developing and implementing PR strategies
- Connecting with media sources, such as newspapers/radio stations/news stations in order to have stories published that promote SD4I activities
- Organizing "marketing campaign" in country, such as design and position through the community banners, posters, brochures, etc. 
- Maintaining and updating Website information

Activities Co-ordinator

- Setting up sporting events/clinics/leagues
- Managing the storage of all equipment 
- Managing the sports equipment rental with participants
- Developing a calender of "Planned Activities" in order to ensure a consistency of SD4I programs
- Co-ordinating leagues (orchestrating with coaches, refs, purchasing uniforms, scheduling games, practices, etc.)
- Meeting with schools to speak with students and raise participation of events

Administration Management

- Registering participants for different sports
- Initiating surveys with communities we are working in, and in other communities to assess where we could place potential Micro-Centers for our flagship Boxing Program
- Working with our translator on documents
- Assisting "marketing campaign" with print outs or banners, posters, brochures, sign-up forms, etc. 

Donations Co-ordinator

- Locating potential sports donors 
- Locating organizations/communities that need sports equipment and connecting them to our donor
- Responsible for the logistics of transporting the donated sports material to the agreed upon recipient of said material
- Writing After-Action reports to assess impact made on community.

Of course there will be plenty of opportunity to play and coach sports.

Casa-Nica volunteers will stay in the Masaya volunteer house in travel to Granada most days during the week to work with the organization. Granada is around 20 minutes travel by bus from Masaya.

Playing basketball in Granada