Spanish Program

Casa-Nica volunteers are welcome to take Spanish classes at Casa-Nica with our Spanish teacher. Interns are expected to have a conversational Spanish level, but they are also welcome to join our classes if they need extra help in a specific topic.  We offer five hours of Spanish a week divided into five sessions (1 hour each) from Monday to Friday. Volunteers will have the option of choosing which time is more convenient for them according to the projects they want to be involved with. Spanish classes will either take place during the morning or evening depending on your schedule that day. 

The Spanish program at Casa-Nica includes regular classes from Monday to Friday where we will be dealing with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation issues. Some of the activities the class includes are:

  • Access to a Spanish workbook
  • Power Point Presentations
  • Conversation class
  • Oral presentations in Spanish
  • Watching movies in Spanish
  • Dealing with specific topics you may need to reinforce
  • Translation of articles or songs

We are also have a Spanish-English language exchange program in the evenings, where volunteers and interns will have the opportunity to practice Spanish with students from MASINFA (one of our language programs) and at the same time help them to improve their English. Putting your Spanish into practice with locals is a great way to improve your language skills and learn about the rich Nicaraguan culture. We also try and speak as much Spanish in the house as possible, and there are always people around that can help you with a question or word.

Take advantage of our Spanish Program. We'll be glad to have you as our student. Learning can be fun!

 A Spanish Lesson