The Team

Casa-Nica was set up and is run by Joshua Allsup and Elliot Cooper, both of whom have considerable experience living and working abroad, particularly in volunteering and learning environments.

Josh Allsup(left)  -  Elliot Cooper(right)

Elliot Cooper, BA MA LPIC After graduating from Sheffield University Elliot worked for an Internet company in London for several years as the reseller account manager. He then traveled through India, Asia and Australia and settled in Tokyo for a year as an English language teacher with NOVA. On his return to the UK he became a professionally qualified Linux system administrator for the following six years. Elliot took three sabbatical leaves from system administration during this period to volunteer and live overseas. He worked with various NGO's in Vietnam, Belize and Peru for several years as an English teacher and volunteer coordinator. While living in Australia he also trained for and earned his qualification as a Royal Yachting Association yacht captain.

Josh Allsup, BA graduated from Texas A&M University in 2003 with a BA in Speech Communications and a minor in Business. He worked for his university as a Challenge Course instructor and for the local school district as a substitute teacher. From there he moved on to work in Houston at three different jobs; teacher/event coordinator for the Houston Outdoor Learning Academy, bike technician at REI and as a camp counsellor at a camp for children with special needs: Camp For ALL. After leaving Houston he joined the Peace Corps and worked in Peru for three years. During the first two years he worked as the coordinator for the secondary students at the NGO Supporting Kids In Peru. The last year he split his time between working as a Peace Corp Volunteer Leader where he created new development projects for future Peace Corps Volunteers, continued working as a secondary coordinator at SKIP, and took on a new role assisting in the creation of a new Peruvian NGO, Horizon. After having left the Peace Corps, Josh spent six months travelling through South and Central America before settling on Nicaragua as the ideal location for Casa-Nica.

This is a short interview that we made with Elliot and Josh where we talk about Casa-Nica ourselves and what we are all about.

Meet The Founders

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We have a great deal of experience working for, living with and managing volunteer projects and volunteers. We have created and maintained safe, productive and enjoyable environments for volunteer organizations.